Idiom:  kill time


Idiom:  kill time

  • to do something to pass the time while waiting for something/someone

Example sentences

— I used to always kill time at the bookstore but has put them all out of business.

While I was waiting for my number to be called I killed time on Instagram and Facebook.

When my kids’ bus is late arriving, I do push-ups and jumping jacks to kill time.

— killed some time in the duty free shops during my layover in Dubai.

— What shall we do to kill time before the movie?

— I've started meditating whenever I need to kill a little time throughout the day.

— I've been listening to podcasts while killing time during my commute to and from work.

— Let's get a drink to kill time before dinner.

— I was reading a great article while killing time at the dentist's office today.

— You can kill time on the plane catching up on movies.

— We killed time playing cards waiting for our train.

— Perhaps we should look over tomorrow's agenda to kill time before our next meeting.

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