Idiom:  just in case


Idiom:  just in case

  • only in a particular situation that something happens
  • in order to be prepared for something that may happen

Example sentences

— I always have an extra clean shirt and tie at work, just in case a client stops in unexpectedly.

— You should never gossip via email at work—just in case the management team monitors your email.

— I brought my umbrella just in case it rains this afternoon.

— Here's my cell phone number just in case you need to reach me after hours.

— I packed an extra sandwich just in case you want a snack before your afternoon football practice.

— Just in case you arrive before I do, you can get the extra key to my apartment from the concierge on the first floor.

— I believe the restaurant takes credit cards but you should bring some cash just in case they don't.

— Our house is a bit difficult to find, so my wife printed out directions to our home just in case you need them.

— We bought refundable airline tickets just in case my husband can't get time off from work.

— Just in case I’m late this evening, please take the dog out for a walk.

— You better take some cash with you just in case they don’t accept credit cards.

— Take your phone just in case you're running late so you can call me.

— Bring your ID just in case you need it.

— Shall we bring a blanket just in case the ground is wet at the concert?


  • in the event
  • in case

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