Idiom:  jockey for position


Idiom:  jockey for position

  • to try to move around to get the best position or advantage

Note:  This idiom comes from horse racing, where the jockeys (the people who ride the horses) try to get their horses into the best position at the beginning of a horse race.

Example sentences

  • After my boss said she was leaving the company, everyone started jockeying for position to run the department.
  • Before the bride threw the bouquet, I jockeyed for position directly behind her and caught it.
  • My coworker is jockeying for the new position by flattering the director, while I'm trying to work longer hours on an extra project.
  • The spectators are jockeying for position to try to get the best view of Tiger Woods at the 18th hole.
  • At the moment, we're trying to jockey for a position to get one of the government contracts to renovate the park.
  • The candidate for governor is jockeying for position by doing background research on his opponents, which he will use in television attack ads.
  • The paparazzi jockeyed for position to get the best photos of the pop singer's new baby.


  • vie for
  • scramble for
  • be in the running

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