Idiom:  jack of all trades


Idiom:  jack of all trades

  • someone who can do many different types of things

Note:  This comes from the saying, a " jack of all trades, master of none."   It means that a person can do many different things well but they cannot be an expert in everything.

Example sentences

— My mom’s a jack of all trades—she learned how to do the repairs around the house; does all the housework and cooking; and can even fix our computers.

— Sarah is the jack of all trades in the office whereas I just work on accounting tasks.

— In track and field, decathletes are truly jacks of all trades.

— I wish my husband was a jack of all trades around our home so we wouldn't have to pay a handyman to do everything.

— You would be wise to hire Sarah because she's a jack of all trades. She did many of the IT tasks and training that HR would normally do, in addition to her office manager duties.

— My son is a jack of all trades around the house, whereas my daughter is an expert in computers and the internet, so we're quite lucky.

— I don't aim to be a jack of all trades. It's more profitable for me to serve a very narrow niche in my business.

— Our handyman is a jack of all trades. We use him for many different projects around the house and garage.

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