Idiom:  (it’s) now or never


Idiom:  (it’s) now or never

  • something needs to be done or the opportunity may never happen again

Example sentences

  • Next year, were going to try to start a family so I feel it’s now or never to backpack through South America.
  • Don’t ever say it’s now or never about traveling overseas.  You can always take your children with you!
  • Go ask her! It's now or never! Ugh, now some other guy has asked her to dance.
  • It's now or never if you want to buy a townhouse in that development. They just put up a sign that they're 90% sold out.
  • If you're interested in seeing the island before it's overrun with tourists, it's now or never.
  • It's now or never for me to get invisible aligners for my teeth. After I get the implant, I won't be able to wear them.
  • We finally decided it was now or never to get a dog.
  • I've applied to law school. It's now or never if I'm going to change careers.
  • If I want a family and kids, I feel like it's now or never since I'm almost 35.


  • the moment of truth
  • the point of no return

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