Idiom:  in the making


Idiom:  in the making

  • in progress; in the process of creating something

Example sentences

— I went to President Obama’s inauguration because I wanted to see history in the making.

— Happiness is in the making of ambitious goals not in reaching them.

— We've got an Olympic track star in the making in our family.

— Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a political superstar in the making.

— Come over this weekend and check out the new community garden that's in the making.

— Our house is finally in the making after two years of planning. We broke ground last week.

— You better go into the kitchen and check on the kids.  There's a disaster in the making.

— Turn on the television!  History is in the making at the Master's golf tournament.

— You see splats of colored paint and I see a masterpiece in the making.


  • on the move
  • in its infancy
  • up-and-coming

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