Idiom:  in depth


Idiom:  in depth

  • in great detail
  • done carefully and comprehensively

Example sentences

— There are lots of guided bus tours that go to five or six different countries but I prefer to see one country in depth.

— The movie describes Michael Jackson's life in depth.

— I learned modern art in depth while I was in college and that's one reason I have such a great appreciation for that type of art. 

— She wasn't interviewed in depth but there are lots of pictures of Cindy Crawford and other supermodels from the 1980s.

— The writer talks about the early years of Oprah Winfrey's life in depth, which makes you appreciate how many obstacles she overcame to become a successful media mogul.

— If you want to study grammar in depth then I recommend taking a course from University.

— We don't have time to go into the subject in depth today but hold your questions until later.

— Since the article is really long and discusses the topic in depth, I think we should provide an executive summary at the beginning.

— We already discussed the issue in depth at the previous two meetings so it's time to make some decisions.

— Before any employment offer, we would conduct a background check that would look into your previous work, references, and other parts of your life in depth.

—  This report examines the past 40 years of economic growth in this city in depth.

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— I hope they explain the procedures in depth today and not just try to get us to make appointments for further information.

— Don't you remember we discussed this issue in depth at the last meeting?

— You're going to need to rewrite this article. You need to go back and do the research in depth and include interviews with primary sources.

— We were much happier with this doctor because he explained the procedure in depth and just seems to be more patient and communicative.

— We plan to study the problem in depth before making any decisions about what to do.

— He talks a lot but I assure you he doesn't know the topic in depth.

— What I like about the class is that the case studies are reviewed in depth so we can understand the entire context of what was happening.

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