Idiom:  in bad taste


Idiom:  in bad taste

  • not appropriate or suitable for a situation
  • offensive to others

Example sentences

—  Wearing jeans and sneakers to the wedding was really in bad taste.

—  It was really in bad taste to give your secretary a book on weight loss for her birthday.

—  I can't believe the best man told to so many jokes in bad taste at the reception. It was so embarrassing.

—  I don't think that's the best choice of dress for your office event. Something that tight and low cut is in bad taste, if you ask me.

—  Many of our staff don't understand why some of the language they use is in bad taste, so we're organizing sensitivity training for the team.

—  Considering my sister just had a stillbirth, it was in bad taste for my cousin to spend the entire afternoon bragging about her granddaughter and showing us pictures of the baby.

—  Do you think it would be in bad taste for me to pass out my business cards at the reception?

—  Her criticism of some of the tournament services during the awards presentation was really in bad taste and the sponsors were not happy about it.


  • in poor taste
  • leave a bad taste in the mouth


  • in good taste

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