Idiom:  in all shapes and sizes


Idiom:  in all shapes and sizes

  • in a variety of types and forms

Example sentences

— My family has adopted seven dogs from the shelter so they're a misfit group in all shapes and sizes.

— Our store has fashion styles for people in all shapes and sizes.

— Don't worry, our gym members come in all shapes and sizes so you'll feel comfortable exercising here.

— My sister loves champagne and since the bottles come in all shapes and sizes, we've decided to get 50 bottles from individual to magnum sizes for her 50th birthday bash.

— In golf, professional players can still come in all shapes and sizes.

— We specialize in children's birthday cakes and our designs are available to order in all shapes and sizes.

— What I love about this store is that you can find clothing in all shapes and sizes—from petite to tall to plus sizes.

— Have you been to the new pet shop downtown? They have orthopedic beds for animals in all shapes and sizes.

— Excuse me, do you have any other boxes somewhere? You used to have storage boxes in all shapes and sizes.

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