Idiom:  in all likelihood


Idiom:  in all likelihood

  1.   most likely
  2.   the most probable outcome

Example sentences

— In all likelihood I’ll get married and have kids when I’m in my 30's.

— In June, we'll take a short vacation to the beach in all likelihood.

— This has been one of the most competitive congressional races in decades and considering the exit polls, in all likelihood the challenger will win.

— In all likelihood, the winner of the men's tournament will be one of the top seeds but anyone could win the women's title.

— We hope the weather will be nice, but in all likelihood it will probably rain so be prepared to dress appropriately.

— In all likelihood, there will be 10 to 15 applicants shortlisted for this position.

— He said we should arrive by 5:00 pm in all likelihood, but if we're late they will hold our reservation until we arrive.

— I said I'd never work in corporate law, but in all likelihood I will in a few years.  I'll need to earn a lot more money to send my kids to college.

— President Trump will lose reelection in all likelihood based on the polls but nothing is for certain until the votes are counted.

— The weather will be nice in all likelihood but we still need a backup plan in case of rain.

— If you continue to study English daily with a tutor you will be fluent within a year in all likelihood.


  • in all probability
  • it's a fair bet (that)
  • no doubt
  • (the) chances are
  • the way things are going

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