Idiom:  in a stew (about something)


Idiom:  in a stew (about something)

  • upset and bothered about something

Example sentences

— Why are you always in a stew when we visit my parents' home? It's so embarrassing.

— My husband sat on the sofa all day in a stew because I asked him to help me do some housework.

— "What's wrong with Sandy?" "She's in a stew about all the homework her teachers gave her to finish this weekend."

— Is the boss still in a stew?  I need to ask for time off but I don't want him to reject my request.

— Are you still in a stew about your boss telling you to be on time for work?

— You've been in a stew long enough. Call your sister and explain why you're upset.

— I was in a stew because my boyfriend didn't like the meal I prepared but I felt so much better when our friends posted on Facebook how delicious the meal was.

— I hate it when my father's in a stew. We all have to be really quiet and careful around him when he's like this.

— The kids are in a stew because we're not letting them use the internet this evening.


  • worked up
  • hot and bothered
  • hot under the collar
  • shook up
  • in a tizzy
  • beside oneself
  • keyed up
  • pissed off

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