Idiom:  in a sense


Idiom:  in a sense

  • used to say something is similar to but not exactly what's being described

Example sentences

— In a sense, talking with my parents through video chat is almost like being there with them.

— This pre-paid card doesn't have a line of credit but in a sense it works like a credit card because you can use it wherever Visa and MasterCard are accepted.

— So, in a sense, what you're saying is that you don't feel comfortable walking to your car in the evening when it's dark. Is that correct?

— When I was working the night shift, my wife and I were living separate lives in a sense and we grew apart from there.

— In a sense, the customer is right because we didn't explicitly state the tags had to be attached to the dress. 

— After reviewing the survey results, you are both right in a sense about why customers were dissatisfied with our service.

— In a sense, I can see how a client could have misunderstood my instructions so I've rewritten them to make sure everything is clear in the future.

— In a sense, we set up children to do poorly in school when we don't ensure they have enough to eat because it's difficult to concentrate and work when hungry.


  • in a way
  • sort of
  • to some/a certain extent

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