Idiom:  in a rush


Idiom:  in a rush

  • moving around quickly
  • trying to do something or go somewhere very quickly

Example sentences

— I was in such a rush I forgot to turn off the iron and had to go back home so I was really late for work this morning.

— I hate living in the city. Everyone is always in a rush here.  It's stressful.

— I'm sorry to be in a rush, but could you have the copies made by 3:00 pm this afternoon?

— I hate going out during lunch hour. Everybody is in such a rush to get their food.

— Do you think you could call another cashier? We're in a rush and need to get out of here.

— Whenever you're in a rush you forget something.

— What's the quickest item on the menu for you to prepare? We're in a rush and need to finish the meal within the next 20 minutes.

— Slow down. Eating in a rush like that is going to cause indigestion.

— You can tell that whoever made the sandwiches was in a rush.  Half of them are missing mayonnaise and lettuce. 

— I wish I could help but I'm in a rush to get home to watch American Idol.

— Why are you in such a rush? The flight doesn’t leave until 9:00 pm.


  • in a hurry
  • pressed for time

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