Idiom:  in a family way


Idiom:  in a/the family way  

  • pregnant; expecting a baby

Example sentences

— This is crazy but both my brother's wife and his daughter are in a family way.

— I think you're in a family way and it's time you take a pregnancy test!

— How can I say this politely? Are you in a family way?

— I’m devastated.  My 15-year-old’s girlfriend is in the family way!

— We just found a stray dog behind that building and we suspect she's in a family way

— Everyone in my department knows I'm in a family way because I'm always running to the bathroom throwing up but I still haven't officially told anyone yet.

— To be honest, I wouldn't ask her if she is in the family way because maybe she's just gained a lot of weight.

— Do you think Sarah is in the family way? I'm dying to ask her.

— Yes, my boss is in a family way and I'll have to do both our jobs again for the next year.

— I have some exciting news to tell you: My wife is in a family way.


  • knocked up (slang)
  • be expecting (a baby)
  • have a bun in the oven (slang)
  • with child

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