Idiom:  in a bad way


Idiom:  in a bad way

  1. in a very serious condition
  2. very ill

Example sentences

— My grandma’s been in a bad way since my grandfather died last month.

— My roommate's in a bad way since he started doing drugs.

— We rescued some dogs from a puppy mill and most of them are in a bad way and will require veterinarian care.

— My mother is really in a bad way these days.  Her rheumatoid arthritis is frequently flaring up and she's in so much pain. 

— I had to take family medical leave because my daughter is in a bad way since she was in a serious car accident.

— Thank God for crowdfunding. My next door neighbor was in a bad way and didn't have health insurance but we were able to raise $75,000 so he could have an operation.

— I'm not sure why but I've been in a bad way for a few weeks and I think it's time I go see a doctor.

— How long has your wife been in a bad way? I feel so sorry that I didn't know she was in the hospital or I would have visited her by now.


  • a shadow of one's former self
  • out of commission
  • out of sorts

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