Idiom:  ill at ease


Idiom:  ill at ease

  • feeling anxious and uncomfortable

Example sentences

— I felt very ill at ease waiting for the results of my final exams.

— You look ill at ease.  Is there something you need to tell me? 

— I felt so ill at ease having to go to the doctor and try to express my symptoms in a foreign language.

— I’m really ill at ease with our new doorman.  There’s something about him that makes me uncomfortable.

— Join a group tour if you feel Ill at ease traveling alone.

— Don’t worry, it’s normal to feel ill at ease the first day of work. I’m sure it will get better.

— I'd never felt so ill at ease on a first date before so I was really happy when the night ended.

— I know that improving my English will help me feel less ill at ease when I travel to other countries.

— I’m feeling really ill at ease about my finances. It’s time to get serious and start paying off my credit card debt.


  • on edge
  • on pins and needles
  • out of place
  • high-strung


  • at ease
  • calm, cool and collected

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