Idiom:  if all else fails


Idiom:  if/when all else fails

  • if/when nothing else succeeds or occurs
  • If/when all of your plans or options cannot happen, there is one more thing you can try

Example sentences

— I want to be an actor but if all else fails, I'll join the army.

— If all else fails, we can stay home and watch the game on the TV.

— I think someone's going to drive, but if all else fails we'll just take a taxi or Uber to the party.

— Let's send him a text message and email and if all else fails, we'll ask the director's secretary to pass a note to him inside the conference room.

— Let's try to book a room at one of the hotels downtown but if all else fails, we can stay at my mother's house and take the metro in to town.

— When all else failed, my son called his uncle for money.

— I hope we can get the loan, but if all else fails, we'll just have to use the line of credit on our home.

— When all else fails, I put my son in the car, turn up the heat and drive him around the block a few times to get him to fall asleep.


  • if nothing else works

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