Idiom:  hit the jackpot


Idiom:  hit the jackpot

  1. to achieve great success
  2. to suddenly get or win a lot of money

Note:  The "jackpot" is the largest prize in a competition or game (e.g., the lottery)

Example sentences

  • Lady Gaga hit the jackpot with her first two albums.
  • We’re going to hit the jackpot with the new software we’ve developed.
  • JK Rowling hit the jackpot with her Harry Potter series.
  • The Kardashian's hit jackpot with their reality show, while others have exposed their entire lives and earned next to nothing.
  • American Apparel company Spanx hit the jackpot with their body-shaping under garments, which help women look slimmer and enhance their curves .
  • You really hit the jackpot with your nanny. She's so enthusiastic, responsible and pleasant to be around.
  • We hit the jackpot when we bought this house because it's right behind a park, which has tennis and basketball courts, trails, a swimming pool, etc.


  • strike it rich
  • strike gold
  • hit the big time
  • break the bank
  • make a killing
  • clean up
  • hit pay dirt

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