Idiom:  have the makings of something


Idiom:  have the makings of something

  • likely to happen because someone or something has the right qualities

Example sentences

— This beautiful weather and the gorgeous sunset have all the makings of a romantic evening.

— With the tennis match tied at two sets each this match has all the makings of an epic final.

— They way you're spending money and charging everything on your credit cards has all the makings of a financial disaster.

— Your natural talent shows you have the makings of Hollywood movie star.

— Early trials are showing this medication has the makings of a life-saving drug.

— We're desperately trying to help my daughter because her troublesome behavior shows she has the makings of a violent criminal or gang member.

— Hopefully all of these little touches will have the makings of a unforgettable celebration for my parents 50th wedding anniversary.

— Uh-oh, look at the sky.  It has the makings of a terrible thunderstorm.


  • on course for something
  • bound for something
  • in line for something

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