Idiom:  has seen better days


Idiom:  has seen better days

  • something is no longer in good condition

Example sentences

— My computer has seen better days so I’m thinking about getting a new one.

— I know you love that purse but it's seen better days—why not get a new one?

— I just rescued a bunch of clothes from the trash dumpster. My neighbor thinks her clothes have seen better days but they're in great condition and perfect for needy people.

— Could you please get some estimates on new carpeting for the office? It's no use cleaning it anymore when it's seen better days.

— This hotel was lovely when we stayed here five years ago but now it's seen better days.

— I hate to get rid of this old suit but it's seen better days.

— Your father and I are giving you $5,000 to buy a new wardrobe.  Your current work clothes have seen better days and it's important that you make a good impression at your new job.

— My mother knows nothing about fashion. When she said my jeans had seen better days, she was genuinely surprised that I'd bought them with rips and holes in them.

— This weekend we need to go shopping for a new iron.  Our old one has seen better days and has left a few yellow marks on our clothing.

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