Idiom:  hang up


Idiom:  hang up

  • to end a telephone connection

Note: To "hang up on someone" also means to end a phone call but in that scenario, the person ends the conversation before both parties decide the conversation should end.

Example sentences

— I just hung up the phone a moment ago. It was Veronica. Her father passed away unexpectedly this morning.

— Before we hang up, I want to tell you about my vacation plans next month.

— Sandy, hang up the phone and do your homework!

— Sorry, but I need to hang up the phone now, my boss just got in the office.

— A: "Mom the phone's for you." B: "Thanks, I've got it so you can hang up now."

— I need to talk to Benjamin before you hang up, okay?

— Don't hang up yet.  I haven't had a chance to tell you about my trip to Sandra's hometown in Italy.

— My client kept talking on and on and I couldn't wait to hang up the phone.

— If you use Bluetooth to pair your car with your phone, you can answer and hang up calls using these buttons on your steering wheel.

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