Idiom:  hang up on someone


Idiom:  hang up on someone

  • when one person ends a telephone conversation before the conversation it's finished

Example sentences

— I can’t believe my mother just hung up on me when I asked her for some money.

— Whenever telemarketers call our house, I just hang up on them.

— I'm so sorry I accidentally hung up on you when I transferred your call—let me try again.

— That caller said I hung up on her but I didn't do anything.

— I really have to go now. If we don't end this call now, I'm going to have to hang up on you.

— My girlfriend hung up on me during a fight and now she's upset I haven't called her back.

— Don't ever hang up on me again young man!

— One of your representatives just hung up on me a minute ago so I would like your name and number before we discuss my account.

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