Idiom:  hang tough


Idiom:  hang tough

  • to keep doing something despite pressure to stop
  • to stay determined and do not give up

Example sentences

— Even though we didn't fulfill all of the orders, we hung tough and worked the entire night to get 85% of them out to our customers.

— The director of the company is hanging tough on his decision to make everyone work overtime next month.

— We were down by 35 points at the halftime but we hung tough and won the game with a field goal just as time ran out.

— I really wanted to quit the race but I hung tough and finished my first marathon last Saturday.

— If you want to be successful in business you're going to have to hang tough when things aren't going well.

— I'm so proud of you for hanging tough when you didn't get the promotion. I knew you were going to get something better eventually.

— My wife wants me to give up my photography business but I'm hanging tough and will find a way to make it successful.

— Hang tough, the ambulance will be here in just a minute. 


  • ride out
  • grin and bear it
  • hang in there
  • stick it out

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