Idiom:  hang around


Idiom:  hang around

  1. to stay in a place
  2. to be with another person

Example sentences

— The kids that hang around the library always do well in school.

— My parents don’t let me hang around older boys.

— Don't hang around people who complain or you'll end up negative yourself.

— I'm concerned about the kids my daughter's hanging around with.

— I used to hang around the goth crowd when I was in high school. Who would believe that I would become a lawyer 10 years later?

— Once I started hanging around the bar at happy hour, I started to gain a lot of weight from drinking so much beer.

— Where Sheila? She doesn't hang around here much anymore.

— My dog always hangs around the repairmen when they come to fix things in our house.


  • spend time
  • hang out (with)
  • run around with
  • run with

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