Idiom:  hand something over


Idiom:  hand something (someone) over / hand something (someone) over

  • give something (or someone) to someone else

Example sentences

  • The policeman stopped the car for speeding and asked the driver to hand over his driver's license and insurance.
  • The robber told the bank to hand over the money immediately or he’d shoot the hostage.
  • The state police handed over the suspect to federal investigators for prosecution.
  • The children were handed over to the state and put in foster care after their parents died in a traffic accident.
  • We hope the outgoing president will hand over power to the new leader without any problems or delays.

  • I need to hand over some of my responsibilities to the new affiliate relations specialist because I'm too busy to do everything myself.

  • After the ceasefire, all of the rebels were required to hand over their weapons.

  • Internet thieves are becoming more and more adept at getting people to hand over their passwords and personal information in order to steal their identities.


  • fork over
  • pass on

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