Idiom:  glued to something


Idiom:  glued to something

  • concentrating and giving something one's full attention

Example sentences

— My dog is always glued to the door at 6:30 PM because that's when my father usually arrives home from work.

— I told Sam dinner's ready but his eyes and ears are glued to the TV

— We were all glued to the television during the contentious hearings for President Trump's Supreme Court nominee.

— I didn't want to bother you earlier because you seemed to be glued to your computer.

— If you call me at 4:00 o'clock tomorrow I'll have plenty of time to talk because my husband and son will be glued to the TV watching the soccer match.

— It's so sad how everybody is glued to their cell phones at restaurants instead of talking to the people they're with.

— Did you see how all the guys' eyes were glued to Jennifer's dress last night?  I can't believe she would wear anything that revealing to an office event.

— That paparazzi's cameras were glued to the courthouse entrance to get shots of the actor after his prison sentencing.

— Everyone was glued to their seats at the Grammy's waiting for the announcement of the Album of the Year award.


  • fixated on something

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