Idiom:  give it to someone straight


Idiom:  give it to someone straight

  • to tell someone bad or difficult information honestly and directly

Example sentences

— I'm glad that the doctor gave it to you straight so you can understand how important it is to reduce stress and get more rest.

— I wish my boss would just give it to me straight and let me know what I'm doing wrong.

— I asked my lawyer to give it to me straight and he said I'm facing up to five years in jail.

— You need to give it to our children straight this evening—no cell phone use until they have shown to us that they have completed their homework.

— I wasn't prepared when my doctor gave it to me straight that I have terminal cancer but I appreciate his honesty since I don't have much time left.

— The government lied about the lead levels in the water in Flint, Michigan and they still haven't given it straight to the residents about the current situation with the water.

— The management team refuses to give it to us straight about the financial health of this company so everyone is getting very nervous.

— This is very difficult but I need to give it to you straight. This concussion is so serious you need to quit playing football.

— We owe it to our church parishioners to give it to them straight about the stolen funds as soon as possible or they won't trust us in the future.


  • call a spade a spade
  • give it to/tell someone point blank
  • to someone's face
  • straight to someone's face
  • tell someone flat out

Antonyms (phrases with opposite meanings)

  • beat around the bush
  • mince words
  • hum and haw
  • dance around

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