Idiom:  getting on in years


Idiom:  getting on in years

  • becoming old

Example sentences

— My mom is getting on in years so we’re building an extra room in our house for her.

— Now that we're getting on in years, we’ve decided to spend winters in Florida where it’s warm.

— I don't have any children so I'm planning to move into a retirement community when I'm getting on in years.

— When my grandpa was getting on in years he needed round the clock  supervision because he had Alzheimer's. 

— Our dog's face is turning white now that he's getting on in years.  

— When you start getting on in years, you'll feel stiff when you get up in the morning. 

— Why don't young people ever offer their seats on the bus to people who are getting on in years?

— More and more women are taking extreme measures to try to look young when they start getting on in years.


  • long in the tooth
  • advanced in years
  • over the hill

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