Idiom:  get something in


Idiom:  get something in (get in something)

  • to find the time to do something

Example sentences

— I have to find the time to get a workout in at the gym this afternoon.

— I really have to get in to see the doctor this week so I can come any day, any time.

— Do you think we can get another break-out session in after the afternoon presentation?

— We came early so I was able to get in a massage after I arrived at the hotel.

— We got in some last-minute gift shopping at duty-free before our flight.

— Is there anyway I could get an appointment in with Sultana for a haircut and blow-dry on Saturday morning?

— We can get your party of four in at 5:00 pm when the restaurant opens—otherwise we're fully booked this evening.

— Could I get in one last question, Mr. Chairman?

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