Idiom:  get something across


Idiom:  get something across (get across something)

  • to make something understood
  • to communicate information or ideas

Example sentences

— Could you please let me finish speaking? I’m trying to get my point across.

— I have to try harder to get the idea across to my students who are learning English that they are responsible for their own learning. 

— To be honest, I don't think I was very effective in getting my message across at today's meeting so I'm going to follow up with an email to our client.

— Our manager needs to moderate the meetings better. How can I get my ideas across if I'm constantly interrupted while I'm speaking?

— Stop yelling at our kids. The only thing you're getting across is how angry you are and that's not very helpful.

— What do you think is the best way to get our campaign message across to younger voters?

— We've tried to get across the seriousness of posting certain types of messages to Facebook but few kids are listening.

— The most frustrating thing about learning a new language is trying to get your opinions across as eloquently as you'd like to.


  • make clear
  • make understood

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