Idiom:  get one's feet wet


Idiom:  get one's feet wet

  • to try or experience something different or risky (especially for the first time)

Example sentences

  • I finally decided to get my feet wet and registered for acting classes.
  • The hardest part of sky diving was getting my feet wet—after that I was addicted to it.
  • My boyfriend and I dated for seven years so it was really hard to get my feet wet when we broke up, especially since so many people meet online now.
  • I was scared to travel internationally so I went to Canada just to get my feet wet.
  • Don't worry, when you first start skiing they'll help you  go down the bunny hill to get your feet wet and you won't have to go down a giant slope.
  • Snorkeling is a great way to get your feet wet before learning how to scuba dive.
  • I volunteered at  a hospital to get my feet wet before becoming a nursing assistant.


  • dip one's toe in
  • test the waters

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