Idiom:  get around to doing something


Idiom:  get around to doing something

  • to find and take the time to do something
  • to do something after a long delay

Example sentences

— When you get around to grocery shopping can you also pick up my dry cleaning?

— I hope you get around to doing your homework today rather than waiting until Sunday evening.

— Since no one has got around to filing last year's receipts, I'm going to hire a temp to take care of it.

— When will you finally get around to cleaning out the garage? There's so much junk in there we can hardly park the cars.

— I finally got around to filing my taxes this weekend and I was pleasantly surprised to find out I'm getting a $750 refund.

— I'll get around to processing the expense reports sometime this week so please make sure everyone turns there's in by tomorrow afternoon.

— Do you think you can get around to ordering the Christmas cards this week?  Otherwise, I'll order them myself.

— If you can get around to taping the door sometime this morning, I'll paint it this afternoon.


  • find the time (to do something)

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