Idiom:  get around something


Idiom:  get around something

  • to find a different way to avoid a problem or difficult situation

Example sentences

— I’m going to turn here and drive down the side road to try to get around traffic.

— I’ll ask our engineering department if they can try to get around this problem.

— Could we hire a telephone service to get around hiring a receptionist?

— We hired a consultant to help us get around the red tape of opening a new business in China.

— Using a VPN will help you get around various internet restrictions.

— Unfortunately, there's no way to get around working with Sam on this project.

— Is there any way to get around using this particular contractor? Their recent work is always behind schedule.

— The only way I could to get around the return policy is to say you lost the receipt and issue a store credit. Would you like me to do that?


  • deviate from
  • depart from

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