Idiom:  from day one


Idiom:  from day one

  • from the beginning
  • the point in time at which something starts

Example sentences

— My husband hated my father from day one so spending time with my family is difficult.

— All of my children have loved listening and playing music from day one but neither my husband or I are musicians.

— You want advice for the newlywed wife?  Burn a few of his dress shirts from day one and he'll never asked you to iron them again.

— If you start training your puppy from day one you will be very happy in a few months.

— I never trusted your ex-girlfriend from day one.

— Mia was an incredible soccer player from day one which shows she had tremendous natural talent.

— Our accountant was late from day one—late arriving to work and doing his work late.

— Our first nanny was a nightmare from day one but the kids are thrilled with the new one.

— I knew my marriage was going to be a problem from day one but I was too embarrassed to admit it.


  • from the get-go
  • from square zero

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