Idiom:  for keeps


Idiom:  for keeps

  • for always
  • to have something forever

Example sentences

— “Are you loaning this to me?” “No, it’s yours for keeps.”

— When we got married, I gave my heart to my wife for keeps.

— Sorry, we thought the t-shirts were ours for keeps.

— My boyfriend left me a year ago but the good memories are still mine for keeps.

— Do you need this or can I have this shopping bag for keeps?

— We hope you enjoyed the presentation. By the way, the notepads and pens are yours for keeps.

— My daughter cried and screamed at the doctor's office because she thought the little books were hers for keeps.

— To prevent confusion, we need to clearly mark which items are available for our clients to have for keeps.

— If you really like that necklace, it's yours for keeps.

— Is this really mine for keeps? You're so generous! Thank you!


  • for good
  • until hell freezes over
  • for ever and ever
  • in perpetuity

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