Idiom:  fill a void


Idiom:  fill a (the) void

  • to provide or replace something that’s needed

Example sentences

— She’s been drinking to try to fill the void after her husband left her with two young kids.

— I’m afraid I’ll never find anyone to fill the void after my secretary retires.

— Many people spend money they don't have trying to fill a void in their lives.

— Dogs, cats and other pets are a wonderful way for people to fill the void of loneliness in their lives.

— Who's going to fill the void in the marketing department when Sandra is on maternity leave?

— I had a difficult time filling the void when my children graduated from high school and left for college.

— Our department used to be so fun because our manager was so bubbly and positive but no one has filled the void since she left and now it's very depressing here.

— My dog died a year ago and nothing can fill the void.


  • fill a gap
  • fill a vacuum

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