Idiom:  far from it


Idiom:  far from it

  • far from the real situation
  • about the opposite of something 

Note:  This is often used to respond to something you think isn't true.

Example sentences

A: "This is the best band I've ever heard."  B: "Oh my God, what are you talking about? Far from it!"

If you think you're going out tonight—far from it

She thinks she looks like Beyoncé, but far from it.

We promised to invite my cousin to our party, but far from it.

A: "Have you tried sushi yet?"  B: "Eww, sushi?  Far from it!"

A:  "Is this the best lasagna that you've ever had?" B.  "No, far from it."

I asked my doctor if this was the worst case of eczema he'd ever seen and he said, "far from it."

We didn't want my dad to leave us. Far from it. We wanted him to stay.

A:  I thought you didn't like drink beer?  B: What? Far from it. It's all I drink.

A:  Is Mark rich?  B: Far from it. He's got at least $250,000 in student loans.


  • on the contrary
  • not at all

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