Idiom:  fall through


Idiom:  fall through

  • to not occur as planned
  • to not be completed or fail due to outside circumstances

Example sentences

— Our babysitter fell through so I stayed home with the kids while my wife went to the concert.

— The new product launch fell through so I've got to organize it all over again. 

— Our plans to go to Mexico fell through when my husband had to travel out of town for business.

— This is the second time that my appointment with the doctor has fallen through. Is there another doctor I can see? 

— The deal fell through when our client couldn't get financing for the project.

— Our bid for the house fell through when the owners decided not to sell.

— I'd hate for this conference to fall through but we'll have to cancel it if we don't get more sign-ups by Friday afternoon. 

— The reunion fell through because we couldn't agree on a date.

— All our plans for the summer fell through because of COVID-19. 2020 has been quite a year.

— The football game fell through because of rain but it's been rescheduled for next Saturday.


  • come to nothing
  • go up in smoke

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