Idiom:  fair and square


Idiom:  fair and square

  • honestly

Example sentences

  • This time I won my match fair and square but no one believed me because I often cheat.
  • We handle promotions in a process that's fair and square, according to merit.
  • It was hard to admit that we lost the game fair and square to the worst team in the league.
  • She got the job fair and square even though her uncle works here.
  • Several years after the election, Americans still wonder if Trump won the presidency fair and square.
  • Although my uncle divided his estate to all of his children fair and square, his oldest son is trying to get more money than the others.
  • I won't participate in the competition again unless there is an unbiased judge who will evaluate the submissions fair and square.


  • by the book
  • above board
  • right as rain

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