Idiom:  drag one's feet


Idiom:  drag one's feet

  • to procrastinate or do something very slowly (or not complete it) because you don't want to do it

Example sentences

— I've asked my boss to give me a raise but he keeps dragging his feet.

— Why do you always drag your feet with the monthly report?

— Our clients are dragging their feet and still haven't signed the contract.

— If you keep dragging your feet, we won't be able to get good seats at the concert.

— I'm not sure why my teacher keeps dragging her feet about writing me a recommendation for college but I'm going to have to confront her today because the deadline is coming up.

— If our landlord continues to drag his feet about repainting our apartment, we're going to move somewhere else.

— I need those figures by this afternoon, so tell your boss to stop dragging his feet.

— We regret we had to do this, but every month you drag your feet with your payment and we finally imposed a late fee.

— Let's not drag our feet on making this important decision. The probably will only get worse if we don't do something.

— I dragged my feet about proposing marriage and my girlfriend almost left me.


  • drag one's heels
  • put off
  • hold off

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