Idiom:  do the job


Idiom:  do the job

  • to get the same result as another method
  • to use something for a purpose it wasn't specifically designed for

Example sentences

— If you don’t have lemon juice, lime juice will do the job.

— Normally, I stay at luxury hotels but as long as the hotel is clean, it'll do the job.

— The button on my colleague's pants came off and no one had a sewing kit, so she used a binder clip to temporarily do the job.

— It was raining cats and dogs and I forgot my umbrella but I found a large garbage bag and although it wasn't pretty, it did the job.

— You don't need a screwdriver—this knife will do the job.

— Don't buy a new sofa just because it's sinking a little—a plank of plywood should do the job.

— Don't buy new binders. The ones we used for the last meeting will do the job.

— If you don't have time to take a break, a protein shake should do the job until lunch.


  • do / turn the trick
  • pull something off

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