Idiom:  cut a deal


Idiom:  cut a deal

  • to make a special agreement with someone (especially a business agreement)
  • to negotiate a settlement

Example sentences

— Let’s cut a deal. If you do my homework, I’ll clean your room.

— I was able to cut a deal with my employer to work from home two days a week.

— The defendant cut a deal with the prosecutor after he understood how much prison time he was facing.

— Normally, I'd cut a deal with you but I just can't trust you anymore.

— I heard LeBron James cut an amazing 4-year deal with the Los Angeles Lakers.

— Never cut a deal unless it's in writing!

— The owners want to cut a deal on the house sale—if you agree to pay half the cost of the roofing repairs, they'll accept your bid.

— My dad had to cut a deal and sell his roofing business because of cash-flow problems.

— Our supplier is willing to cut a deal with us if we can pay cash.


  • make a deal
  • hammer out a deal

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