Idiom:  clear the decks


Idiom:  clear the decks

  • finish up less important tasks so that a more important project can be started

Example sentences

— Our boss asked us to clear the decks because we have a new client to meet with next week.

— I wish I could go to the beach with you but I've got to clear the decks before I start school next week. 

— Let's clear the decks by next Friday before the new fiscal year begins.

— You'll be happy to know that I've cleared the decks so that we can start planning next year's annual conference.

— My assistant has already cleared the decks so the new hire can get to work on the report.

— I'm clearing the decks now because we're going to have to focus on our annual gala for the next two months.

— There were several toxic people working at our firm and it became clear we needed to let them go and clear the decks before morale would improve.

— How long will it take us to clear the decks before the audit?

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