Idiom:  Clear the air


idiom:  clear the air

  • to explain something to remove doubts or misunderstanding about something.

Example sentences

—  I asked my supervisor to meet so I could clear the air about my recent absences.

—  My parents wanted me to clear the air about the empty cigarette box they found in my backpack so I had to explain it was my brother's.

—  I broke up with my girlfriend because she refused to clear the air about some text messages she received from her ex-boyfriend.

—  I wanted to wait until the third month but I finally had to clear the air and explain to my colleagues that I was often late because I had morning sickness due to my pregnancy.

—  Let's give our sales manager the opportunity to clear the air about his decision to distribute some complimentary products.

—  We had to bring in a specialist to help the team clear the air about some earlier issues that had caused a lot of tension within the group and to learn how to communicate better.

—  If you had just given me the opportunity to clear the air I could have explained why I made an exception in this case.

—  My son finally cleared the air about his failing grades last semester. Unfortunately, he's been drinking too much and confessed he thinks he might have a problem.

—  Before we jump to any conclusions let's give Samantha a chance to clear the air about these changes.

—  Let me just clear the air right now: I'm a vegan so I don't eat or use any animal products. That means I don't eat chicken, fish, dairy products, etc. 


  • shed light on
  • make something clear
  • make plain
  • spell something out

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