Idiom:  call it a day


Idiom:  call it a day

  • to stop work or another activity
  • to end doing an activity for the day because you feel you have done enough (but will resume the activity the next day or at a later time)
  • to terminate or end something

Example sentences

  • We’ve been working for five hours and everyone's tired. I say let’s call it a day.
  • Shall we call it a day or work another hour to finish entering the data?
  • The meeting went late into the evening. We didn't call it a day until around 9:30 in the evening.
  • There's no way I'm going to finish my report this evening so I may as well call it a day.
  • Okay class, even though it's a few minutes early we'll call it a day and I'll see you next Thursday.
  • After these last two questions will call it a day and reconvene tomorrow morning at 8 am.
  • As that Johnny Mathias song says, "Yes, it's over, let's call it a day. Sorry that it had to end this way. No reason to pretend. We knew it had to end someday, this way."
  • I had to call it a day with are cleaning service because they just weren't thorough enough and I was getting too many complaints.
  • I got stuck in traffic and by the time I arrived at Happy Hour everyone had already called it a day and gone home.


  • call it quits
  • hang it up
  • wrap up
  • come to an end

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