Idiom:  call for (something)


Idiom:  call for (something)

  • to demand or require something

Example sentences

  • When the actor was found dead in his apartment the police called for an investigation.
  • Your new job promotion calls for a celebration!
  • Yelling at my assistant just because she wouldn't interrupt me it's not called for!
  • I've only got three eggs and this recipe calls for five. Is there a substitute I could use?
  • The teachers called for a 5% raise and we gave it to them to avoid another strike.
  • Democrats are calling for an FBI investigation of the allegations against the Supreme Court nominee.
  • After a teenager died from accidentally eating sesame seeds, her parents have called for clearer food packaging labeling that identifies everything contained in foods.
  • We've called for meetings with our direct HR director for months and he keeps delaying it.


  • insist upon
  • push for

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