Idiom:  by virtue (of something)


Idiom:  by virtue (of something)

  • because of something
  • as a result of something

Example sentences

— She got promoted by virtue of her experience, not because of her great looks.

— By virtue of the court ruling, my dad can only visit us when a chaperone is present.

— I got into a great university by virtue of my good grades, high test scores, participation in a wide variety of extracurricular activities and volunteer work.

— My family and I received our green cards by virtue of being admitted at refugees to the United States a year ago.

— By virtue of the authority vested in me by the State of Texas, I now pronounce you husband and wife.

— We were trailing the entire game but won by virtue of a mistake made by the other team in the final five seconds of the game.

— We finished the climb to the top of the mountain by virtue of sheer will and determination.


  • due to
  • as a result of
  • by reason of
  • thanks to
  • owing to
  • in light of

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