Idiom:  bring something up to date


Idiom:  bring something up to date

  • to make changes to something so that it includes the most recent information

Example sentences

— Please add these new figures to the proposal to bring it up to date.

— This information is so old, someone needs to revise the book and bring it up to date.

— I thought John brought these figures up to date but I know for sure that this statistic is from last month.

— Before you print out the new phone directory please make sure my assistant has brought it up to date.

— Each year in August we need to bring our member profiles up to date and that will be a large part of the responsibilities of this position.

— This price list was just brought up to date and as you can see, there has been a slight increase in many beverages due to rising milk prices. 

— How long do you think it will take to bring the account ledger up to date?

— First thing tomorrow I'll bring the agenda up to date with the recently confirmed speakers.

— Please ask our IT supervisor to bring all the computers up to date with the latest software and antivirus protection.

— My assistant's bringing the report up to date with the new survey results as we speak.

— Is the registration list current? If not, please bring it up to date this morning.

 If we use Google Docs or Microsoft OneDrive we can work together instead of one person having to bring documents up to date with changes.

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