Idiom:  break someone’s neck


Idiom:  break someone’s neck

  1. to make a huge effort, to try very hard
  2. used to warn or threaten to hurt someone

Example sentences

— Our director broke her neck finishing the report over the weekend.

— break my neck trying to keep this house clean and you come home and make a mess every day.

— We broke our neck driving through traffic to get here and you're not even ready.

— Don't break your neck working in the yard. I'll help out later.

— My mom broke her neck cooking Thanksgiving dinner for 14 guests plus our family.

— I'm an accountant so I break my neck at tax time.

— If you call my daughter again, I'll break your neck.

— My sister got a restraining order against her husband after he said he'd break her neck.

— Your son has been suspended for threatening to break his math teacher's neck.

— Say another word about my girlfriend and I swear I'll break your neck.

— I'm going to break my neighbor's neck if he doesn't turn his music down.


To try very hard

  • bust a gut
  • spare no effort
  • go all out
  • go for broke
  • go extra mile
  • pull out all the stops

To threaten to harm someone

  • show one's teeth
  • to knock someone's block off
  • if someone's not careful

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