Idiom:  bear in mind


Idiom:  bear in mind (bear something in mind)

  • to consider or think about something when making a decision
  • remember or consider something before taking action

Example sentences

— Before you book your vacation, bear in mind that many flights get delayed during the winter due to bad weather so you might want to buy travel insurance.

— Bear in mind that the bus may come earlier or later due to traffic so you should always plan accordingly.

— Please bear in mind that your insurance policy won't begin until 12:01 am Friday morning.

— Bear in mind there will be a lot of traffic so I recommend you leave a half an hour before you normally would.

— Also, bear in mind that city and local taxes are not included in the hotel room rate.

— Personally, I love steak but did you bear in mind that many participants might be vegetarian, vegan or have special dietary needs?

— My doctor told me to bear in mind that it may take three to four weeks for the antidepressant to start working so I need to get the prescription filled as soon as possible.

— I tried to bear in mind that you often arrive after 9:30 am due to traffic but the director insisted the meeting be scheduled for 8:30 am sharp.

— We forgot to bear in mind some companies observe Columbus Day so that really affected attendance at the meeting.

— Bear in mind that it can take up to a month to receive your passport.


  • take into account
  • take notice of
  • pay attention
  • take into consideration

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